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What to look for in a REALTOR®


As an organization, we put customer service as our first priority. No matter who you work with from our team, you can be assured that they will work diligently to help you in your real estate transaction. Each of the MJ Peterson - Robitaille Relocation licensed associates has something unique to offer.

Personable I want someone that does not make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Someone I can tolerate talking to or sitting across from on more than one occasion.

Licensed I want my agent to be licensed and in good standing. i.e. no complaints. Google is your friend. Go to Google.com, input their name in quotations [""] and see what Google and other consumers have to say about them.

Tech Savvy An associate that is savvy with technology is non-negotiable. I want someone that has a strong website, that understands the Internet and search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Remember, 98% of consumers start their home search online, my real estate agent better know how to get my home to stand out online where the eyeballs are.

Knowledgeable I want an associate that knows their way around the purchase contract and how to negotiate. Just because someone is licensed does not mean they understand either. I also want an agent that specializes in what I am buying or selling. A commercial agent for a commercial property, residential agent for a residential property, a short sale agent for a short sale property etc.

Familiar With The Market I would want an agent that is familiar with my neighborhood, builder, and local market conditions.

Communicates Well The #1 complaint in the real estate industry is lack of communication. I want my REALTOR® to communicate with me in the method that I prefer. Keep me in the loop!

Truthful Someone that is going to tell me the truth whether I want to hear it or not. “Yes, Mr Garner, that purple carpet is ugly and needs to go.”

Full Time Real estate is not a part time job. My REALTOR® needs to be available when a potential buyer is. This is where a REALTOR® with a team can be beneficial as they can cover for each other so I can get the service I deserve.

Integrity Integrity is one of those words that many people ‘say’ they have. If I’m buying with an agent and I’m interested in 4 bedroom, 2 bath homes, show them all to me, even the ones offering a reduced commission and the ones listed by an agent you don’t necessarily care for. Put my interests above your own. If my REALTOR® represents me, I want him/her to represent me.

How long does it take to sell a home?

Factors that will influence the success of your sale are:

Product Your property is your product. If your property shows poorly or has major defects, which cannot be, or are not corrected, a sale may not take place. These defects should be corrected or the price of your home should be adjusted to compensate for them.

Price Our Real Estate Associates are skilled in the appraisal and assessment of market value. We take very seriously the need to price your home at a value that realizes you the most on your investment, without pricing beyond what the market will bear. Price should be established keeping in mind what other comparable properties have sold for. Utilize the experience of our agents so that price will not prevent or delay the sale of your home.

Financing Financing has great influence in promoting people to purchase homes, especially during periods of very low rates. Similarly, if you require too much as a down payment on your home, it may slow the sale of your home.

Timing Timing on the real estate market is the condition of the market at the time of your home’s sale. It may be a seller’s or buyer’s market, but that is based on external factors. We can help you, however, in positioning your home to your best advantage for either scenario.

Competition Every buyer makes their decision about which home to buy and how much it is worth based on other choices in the market at the time of purchase. The supply of homes your buyer will compare yours to will change weekly. We regularly review the status of the market from a general perspective and also the market as it relates directly to your property. You can expect us to communicate this information to your regularly. We want to keep you informed.

Marketing We pride ourselves on our unique and tailored approach to marketing your home. Our agents take each home and market it for its unique characteristics and strongest selling points. We do more than just list your home, we develop a client base to target market it to. We encourage you as the home owner to give us your input and become involved in this process.

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