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What is SmartSize™?

Forget Down Sizing, It May Be Time to SmartSize™ Your Life

“SmartSize™”. That’s what we prefer to call the lifestyle changes for mature adults. MJ Peterson - Robitaille Relocation provides specialized Senior Services to individuals 55 and over who are considering selling their home.

SmartSizing™ begins with a conversation to assess the needs and personal circumstances of the client at this stage of life. This could be a move to a warmer climate, or to be near family out of state, or even simply looking for a residence that requires less maintenance. Sometimes, children residing outside of the community worry about their mature parents living alone and would prefer the convenience of a Senior Community. These families request guidance and consultation to research housing options, prepare their parents home for sale, and complete the move; a challenging task when living long distance.

MJ Peterson - Robitaille Relocation’s experience providing relocation services to corporate clients revealed that selling the residences of mature adults transitioning to a new lifestyle necessitated more time and service than that of an ordinary home sale. MJ Peterson - Robitaille Relocation associates stepped into the role of counselor, addressing the needs of the individuals and their families. Isabel’s personal experience was gained tending to the needs of her aging parents, navigating Canadian government services, finding facilities available to accommodate her parents’ health needs and modest budget, and securing a real estate agent who was as concerned as the family was to sell their home at the proper market value for the property.

MJ Peterson - Robitaille Relocation has a team of Accredited Senior Professionals, working in conjunction with the family and powers of attorney to develop a plan for getting the fair market value out of the property often times the clients’ most valuable personal asset. Whether coordinating the sale and the purchase of a home locally or if the goal is to move down south or out of state away, they provide insight into the many local housing, rental, and residential options available.

SmartSize™ agents show clients the lifestyle housing options available, help liquidate the estate, prepare and stage the home for sale, secure van lines and moving specialists, and most importantly simplify the transition. Significant to the extended family that can’t be there, MJ Peterson - Robitaille REALTORS® maintain communication between all parties. Senior Service resources include MJ Peterson - Robitaille Relocation's network of Professional Service Providers, Home Maintenance Vendors, and approved professionals they have confidently recommended over the years.

Developed to offer relief during what can be a confusing and stressful process, MJ Peterson - Robitaille Relocation’s Senior Services is a value-added real estate service. There is no additional charge to SmartSize™ your life. MJ Peterson - Robitaille Relocation’s accredited agents are compensated with the sale commission only. A transition at this stage of life should be a positive change with new experiences, new friends, and a fresh start. It can be a transition where you are not losing anything but burdens and gaining freedom how can you not afford to SmartSize™.

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